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How To Setup Echo Connect?

Posted on January 6th, 2020  •  0 Comments  • 

Amazon Echo is a Smart Home Device Developed by Amazon. It is connected through a voice-controlled Intelligent personal assistant, which responds when called by its name Alexa. You Can almost ask anything related to weather, time, news, songs or set up your schedule planner, home automation or calling also in Via ECHO CONNECT SETUP.


Through Echo connect and a compatible Echo device, you can just command Alexa to call anyone using your phone landline at home. Echo Connect will route the call from a number, landline or VoIP so that other person at the receiving end will recognize that who is calling via caller ID.
You just need to Command, “ Alexa Call (person’s name)”. And it will do the rest.

With the help of the following steps, you can set up the Echo connect Setup.

1. Open your Alexa app on your Phone, Tablet, or computer go to the options and sign in with Alexa Calling and massaging.

2. Turn the Echo connect device ON and plugin the power outlets and turn the device on. You will see solid light on the Top.

3. Connect your Echo connect to the Phone jack. plugin one end of the telephone jack cable into the echo connect and the other end to the VoIP Adapter. You can use the included splitter share a phone jack between echo connect and handset. One port of splitter will connect to a phone jack and another end will go into your home phone.

4. Go to your Alexa App and complete the WiFi setup there.

Voila! You are all set to your Alexa Echo connect.

With Echo connect you just need to ask Alexa to call anyone using your home landline. Just say Alexa call (contact name ) Mobile Name or Call (phone number) and Alexa Echo connect will do the rest for you.

Answer the Call.

Echo Connect setup is not just for outbound calling. You can also answer the incoming calls on your Echo speaker. When you receive any call you home phone will ring and Alexa will announce it in the Echo speaker. It will announce the caller and the light on the top of your Echo device will turn solid green. You just need to say Alexa Answer the Call. If you want to ignore the call Just say Alexa Ignore the call.

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