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How to Fix Alexa not reacting to Amazon Echo?

Posted on June 20th, 2019  •  0 Comments  • 

Amazon Echo

Sometimes if your echo dot not responding to wakeup command. Then its most likely the some most common issues. However, before starting the troubleshooting, you need to make sure that your Alexa Echo is connected to the power cable properly and it has lights on the top. Please make sure that it is connected to power cable also.

In the event that you see the Solid red light on the ring or bar not the strong blue then in all likelihood, the Alexa isn’t reacting on the grounds that the amplifier catch is killed. Press the receiver catch on the highest point of Alex Echo.

Alexa not Responding to Echo dot or echo show not responding to voice commands, Some times you have multiple Alexa Echo Devices, and the wrong device could have heard. However, Amazon Uses Echo Spatial Perception to detect which devices are closer to you, Alexa device not responding,

  1. Please check your Alexa application on your phone or tablet to confirm if all the devices are set up on the same Amazon Account. Most likely if somebody else in your house has another amazon account and app for her Alexa. It could not work together properly.
  2. Try moving the location of your devices by a few feet, where you are speaking from.
  3. If the wrong device is still responding, we would recommend changing the wakeup word for one of the echo devices.

Alexa not responding songs

Alexa is reacting to play music however does not play anything. The Songs are working fine from the application Alexa additionally educates me regarding the climate or news in the event that You request one. When you advise Alexa to mood killer the music its playing and you advise her to mood killer the music it says ‘ I can possibly do that when the music is playing’.  Alexa associates with tune in and my Amazon account however it doesn’t play anything despite the fact that it says it is.

Open the Alexa App>skill>your Skill and scroll down and click on the songs. Skill. Click on disable skill and then return to all skill and search for songs skill and select Enable Skill.

Echo dot won’t reset

On the off chance that you are confronting Trouble and your Echo speck won’t reset First era Echo Devices will have 2 catches on the top. There will be a little minor opening close to the base of your gadgets. You can you a pointed stick or a paper clasp to press the reset catch. Press and hold it for few moments until the light ring on your reverberation speck turns orange and afterward blue. Hold up till the lights go off and after that turn on. It ought to be an orange shading which demonstrates it’s in setting up mode.

The second gen echo device won’t reset.

Press and hold the mouthpiece off and volume down catches in the meantime for around twenty seconds. Until the light ring turns orange. Hold up till the light turns orange and afterward turns blue. Presently it wins setup mode.

Third generation Echo doesn’t reset.

The third era Echo Dot speck is the most recent one in the line. On the off chance that you whenever need to reset it, at that point simply press and hold the activity catch for 25 seconds. the light ring will turn orange and after that turn blue. It’s in the setup mode now. Open your Alexa application and set up the Alexa Echo Dot gadget.

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