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Guard your Home with Alexa

Posted on May 29th, 2019  •  0 Comments  • 



Amazon Alexa Guard now works with every Amazon device in the US.

New generation Echo and Echo Dot speakers are compatible with Alexa Guard, which lets your speaker listen for alarms and glass breaking while you are away. Just say “Alexa, I’m leaving” then she says “OK, I’ll be on Guard”. Just make us call while you see echo dot not working.

That’s the essence of Alexa Guard, a new of Amazon Alexa that lets your Echo device keep an ear out for trouble when you are away from your house. If Alexa hears something while she’s on Guard mode, a smoke rings or glass breaking sound if she hears then informs you as a notification. Another feature of Amazon Alexa, if you want your cycle light turns on or off while you are away from home.

Alexa Guard was released in September 2018, then this feature available on Alexa devices in the US. But it was originally released and updated on May 14, 2019. Then it was available on all Amazon Alexa Echo devices. It also comes with a microphone, cause Alexa will able to hear your voice very clearly, also in a bad environment. Amazon Alexa uses this mike to listening or the sound of alarms or the sound of a glass breaking when you’re not at home. If you want to check the result of how it’s working then you can test it. When you check this on the first time, you will be feeling pretty amazing about it. If you want to check it, then you can play the YouTube video of glass breaking near your Echo devices and immediately you get a ringtone on your phone that Alexa heard something like glass breaking and the same thing will happen when you try with a smoke alarm. The algorithm of Amazon Alexa didn’t provide you advance security, but it can inform you when something happens while you’re away from home. When Alexa will hear something, she informs you instantly while you are away or she’s on Guard mode.

Alexa can’t call 911

When you just set up your Alexa, do not think this is the advanced security and it will protect you. This feature is only made for informing you when she hears the sound of something broke. Always remember, this smart device cannot give you emergency services, it can only inform you. If you are on the vacation then you can turn on your Alexa Guard. Your Echo device at home if she hears the sound of a glass breaking or smoke alarm detector going off, then she will send you a notification. If playing in the pool of the hotel with your kid and you miss the notification. Alexa will not give advance security services, it’s upon you see the notification and act accordingly. When you came home and turn off the Alexa Guard mode. Just say “Alexa, I’m home,” followed by your PIN code when you return at home.

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