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Amazon Echo Tips You Want to Try Just Like Right Now

Posted on February 14th, 2020  •  0 Comments  • 

If you are still unaware of your Amazon Echo’s full potential then let us help you to give you to get most from it. In case you need any expert Amazon Echo Support then feel free to read this article till the end to discover the Echo expert resource.

Amazon Echo Tips You Need to Try

Connect Your Echo with Your Smart Home Devices

When you bring Amazon Echo the first thing you definitely do is buy as many smart devices as you can. When you do so just make sure they are Alexa compatible.

From turning off any lights to close your door everything can be done using Alexa Echo. The best thing is you can even regulate your thermostat too.

If you have any smart home device and you are not able to connect it with your Amazon Echo device then let us know we will help you instantly. You can find further information at the end of this article.

Set An Alarm Whenever You Want

Setting an alarm is easy but setting up it with your Amazon Echo gives you another level of pleasure. There are two ways you can set your alarm seamlessly.

In the first method, you just need to say ‘Alexa, set an alarm for 5:00 AM’,  and that’s it you are done. In the second option, you need to use the Amazon Amazon Alexa app. Open it, go to the menu and tap Reminders & Alarms > Alarms > Add Alarm. Additionally, you can instruct Alexa to wake you up with your favorite music.

Listen To Music, Podcasts, And Audiobooks

As soon as your Amazon account linked to your Amazon Echo, you can instantly start listening to music. In case you have Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime like services then you might not able to get some of your favorites because of unavailability. In such a scenario, it is good to link other music services with your Amazon Echo.

You can seamlessly connect Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, TuneIn, etc. All you need to do is open the Alexa app, go to the menu and tap Settings > Music and select the music service.

To link any service like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, SiriusXM, Gimme, Tidal, Vivo, etc. tap on Link New Service, pick the service and enter your credentials.

In case you want to use iTunes or Google Play Music then make a note that you can only use your Amazon Echo as a speaker only. You need to manually select the songs that you want to listen to. To do so open your phone’s settings and turn on Bluetooth. After this give a command ‘Alexa, pair.’  Select your Echo device from the list on your Bluetooth screen.

We hope you like our tips. Now if you are still reading this then it means you are suffering from any problem related to Amazon Echo. Don’t worry we have a solution. All you need to do is call at our dedicated Amazon Alexa Support number +1 877-937-8077. Alternatively, you can visit our official website to get more information.

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