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Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Setup

How  to Set up Echo Dot

 To setup Amazon Echo Dot, First, you need to Download Alexa App click here https after Downloading the Alexa App follow the instructions. Amazon Echo dot is a Hands-free, Voice controlled brand of Smart speakers developed by Amazon and easy to SETUP Echo DOT. Echo Dot is a smart device and Amazon Echo Dot Setup I very easy to understand. USing Alexa, Amazon Echo Dot you can do values things in the home using the artificial intelligence of Alexa. Amazon Echo Dot can play music, make calls, send and receive messages. It can turn on you Amazon fire Tv, control videos, you can read Audiobooks on Amazon. Amazon Echo Dot is a very sound sensitive device and it can hear you from across the hallway and responds to word Alexa even in the noisy room or other volume distractions. New features can be constantly added to the application like calling a cab or ordering a pizza. Setting up Amazon Dot make life a lot easier.

Features and Benefits:

Amazon Echo Dot includes several features an easy to set up Echo Dot Setup.  It makes easier to manage your smart home devices. You can control everything with the command of your voice after setting up Amazon Echo Dot Setup.  Following are the key features fo Amazon Echo Dot speakers and its benefits included.

  • Bing Search Engine
  • 360 Bluetooth speakers
  • Google Calendar and Scheduler.
  • Orders and tracks all purchases made on
  • Weather news, sports news or local news, etc.
  • Controls your tv operations can act as multiple timers and alarms
  • Audiobooks and Audible apps
  • Pandora and prime music
  • Echo skills as part of Alexa app
  • Spotify premium
  • Multi-room Audio
  • Voice Calling and sending or receiving texts

Your User Manual for Echo Dot Setup and how to use it

  1. Download Alexa App, create an account and sign in for the setting up Amazon Dot:

You can Download Alexa App from the App Store in your mobile. Iris is free and easy to Setup Amazon Echo Dot.   You can also setup the device by going online on on one of the following browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

Fire OS 3.0 or higher

Android 4.4 or higher

iOS 8.0 or higher.

Amazon Echo Dot needs a high power adapter and the normal mobile phone charging adapter might not work for it.

2 Turn on Amazon Echo Dot:

You Alexa should be positioned in some central region of house and plug in the power adapter into Amazon Echo Dot turn on the power outlet. Top ring light will turn blue first and then it will turn orange.

3 Connector setting up Amazon Dot to a Wi-fi network.

When you Download the Alexa App you need to follow the guidon How to connect Echo Dot to Wifi.

Tips :

 If you face any problem in Amazon Echo Dot Setup or in  Amazon Echo Wifi Setup,  then you can set the device easily. Once the light turns orange then you need to connect your phone to Amazon-xxx. Press and hold the Action button until the light ring on the Echo dot turns Orange

If you face any problem with connecting the device to wifi then try resetting the device and then try to connect the device to wifi.

4 Talk to Alexa

After Echo Dot Setup your Echo device is now ready for use. In order to start just say Alexa or Wake up Alexa and give the commands like,” Alexa play songs” or Alexa what is the weather, or read top news.

5 Connect or setting Up Amazon Dot to an External Speaker. 

 Alexa Echo Dot has inbuilt speakers however you can connect Bluetooth speakers or via audio cable also.

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