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Alexa Skills Development

Posted on May 24th, 2019  •  0 Comments  • 

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The Amazon Alexa was released in November 2014 that time Amazon sells more than a hundred million products. Amazon is gaining fame in the whole world and now Amazon is the no.1 E-commerce company in the world.

Today, I’ll tell you about Alexa Skill Development –

Custom Skills –

Alexa is a cloud-based voice service of Amazon which can we used for making our work so easy via Android and IOS smartphones. You can download the Alexa app on your smartphone.  A user can give orders by his voice command to Alexa such as creating a to-do-list, set the alarm, play a song, or provide the news. When Alexa performing the task as per the demand of the user that is called “Alexa Skills”. You can use the code via AWS Lambda function or write web services and host it on the cloud.

Music Skills – Music Skills are based on voice interaction and it will help you to control the user of selecting, listening, and controlling audio. AWS Lambda functions handle those types of request which is related to music. It is read music API with the latest technology of Alexa. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a computer service that hosts the music skill code. That’s through, we can listen to music.

Video Skills – The Alexa is controlled by a user based voice inputs such as playing games, changing channels, other video input like pause, backward and forward. Actually, a developer develops the video skill for its video experience. With the help of video API, you can build skills and user control their entire video experience by voice.

Flash Briefing Skills – A Flash Briefing Skills is that skill, in which Alexa will play that content that belongs to our category and that type of content we are playing in our daily routine. Even, customer can play can his favorite list when for the first they listen to the flash briefing.  Even you can also create Flash Briefing skills, or you have the right to create it. You have to understand the technology of the web and have the ability of HTTPS or JSON content. The Flash Briefing skill is developed by Amazon, but you can also format it as you want.

Smart Home Skills – Amazon Alexa is providing the easy way to control your smart home. The help of this, you can unlock your door; turn on your AC and a lot. Alexa is using VUI (Voice User Interface) to follow the user’s command. It will be viewing and controlling via your smartphone device. It will also give you every up-to-date information on your device.

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