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Download Alexa App
and Set up ECHO Support

Alexa App Setup for Window 10 and Mac

Make sure your device have minimum required version of
all the different Operating systems

Download Alexa App
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alexa setting

Alexa App and Echo Set up

Amazon Alexa helps you manage different things in few clicks only. Facing Problem with Setup Amazon Echo Tap, Setup Amazon Dot, Setup Amazon Echo Show, Setup Amazon Echo Spot, Setup Amazon Echo Plus or any other setup device you can go on

Amazon Alexa Setup is easy to do. You just need to download the app from Download Alexa App by visiting Download Alexa App Alexa app. Now turn on you Amazon Echo device once you download the application.

Before setting up your device make sure that it need to be run on the minimum required versions of the operating system.

Following are the minimum required versions:

  • For Apple iOS 9.0 or higher version
  • For Android phones or tablets it should be 5.0 or higher
  • MS Windows 10 for PC
  • For Kindle OS 3.0
  • Amazon Alexa helps you manage different things in few clicks only.

Download the Alexa App
Alexa App Echo Setup Echo Dot Setup

Alexa is the Amazon digital voice assistant for using it Download Alexa App . This app can be used on smartphones and Amazon's line of Echo products.

Following are the steps to setup the Amazon Alexa Echo:

Follow the directions. Amazon Echo Dot is a keen voice controlled gadget and simple to set up and straightforward.Amazon Echo Dot can play music, make telephone calls for you send and get messages for you simply like your telephone, setup alerts and setup plans additionally, control keen home gadgets. Peruse book recordings from Capable of being heard, control Amazon Recordings ablaze television, give data and has numerous different employments. Amazon Echo Dot is sound touchy and it can hear your directions from over the passage regardless of all the commotion or volume around you. New highlights or adding are always added to your gadget, for example, flagging down for a taxi or requesting a pizza. Setting up Amazon Echo Dot is one thing that makes life much simpler.

  • Turn the Power on Alexa Echo device.
  • Connect your smart phone, tablet or pc to the same WiFi in which your Alexa is connected.
  • Open the Alexa applications on your Smart Device and in settings go to set up the New Device.
  • You May Have to enter the Amazon Account log credentials in again.
  • Select your WiFi name and password to connect.

Your Amazon Alexa is set up. Still facing issue? Call at +1-877-937-8077

Alexa Set up for Mac

Amazon has grown incredible virtual help called Alexa. Alexa enables a client to control the brilliant home gadgets utilizing their Voice, numerous things like daily agendas, set timers, play music, stream digital recording. Close to these highlights Alexa additionally gives ongoing news, climate forecast, the present schedule, and a lot more things. Presently you can Download Alexa App from your PC, PC or Work area moreover. Amazon Alexa Application is accessible on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Macintosh, PC, Work area, PC, iPhone, i-Pad, Chrome-book, kindle and on different gadgets moreover. With Alexa Application for Windows and Mac, you can deal with your music, shopping records, alarms, date-book and significantly more. Following are the steps to setup Alexa device on your Mac, iPhone or iPad:

  • Please make sure you have updated Application installed on your device.
  • If you don’t have it, then go to the Apple App store and search for latest Alexa App.
  • Once the application is installed click on open button and home screen of app will show up.
  • Just like in the android devices go to settings and select set-up a new device.
  • Once the orange light comes on your Alexa go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and connect to AMAZON.XXX
  • Your Alexa will say it’s connected

Go to the Alexa application on your iPhone and select the Wi-Fi and enter Wi-Fi password.

The Alexa will ask for the permission to connect to your Audio, Video, contacts and locations.

Allow that and Click on done

All done with the Alexa Set up on your device and now give commands.

Alexa App Mac Setup

Need help to set up Alexa App for Windows, Android and Mac Devices?

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Alexa App Setup Windows

Alexa set up for Windows Computer:

Alexa cannot only serve to Smart phones or Tablets, You can also set up your Pc or desktop connected to Alexa and let it handle your jobs. Please check that your PC has windows 10 operating system.

Following are the steps to set up the Alexa with your windows pc:

  • Make sure your Alexa is connected to power and turned on.
  • Open the Amazon Alexa website on your browser.
  • Enter your Amazon Alexa username and password in the credentials.
  • Go to settings and select set-up a new device
  • Select your Amazon Device.
  • Select the Echo Model number
  • Now select the working WiFi and enter the WiFi password.
  • Once your device is connected to Echo App.
  • Enter the WiFi details and hit connect.

Once connected Alexa will say it is ready to work.

You can Manage all your Alexa settings, its skills, and smart home devices via Webapp. Call us at +1-877-937-8077 if you are unable to setup Alexa on your PC!

How to connect Alexa to Wi-fi Devices

Alexa can connect to all of the Amazon devices and almost all third party smart home devices.

You can even handle automation and thermostat with it. It is compatible enough to connect to various Wi-Fi devices, although different devices needs to have different apps and steps to connect to Alexa.

However following are the basic steps to follow whenever you connect the Wi-Fi devices with Alexa:

  • Power on your smart-home device and set it into integration mode.
  • Open your Alexa app and on the left go to settings
  • Look for set-up a new device and select the device
  • Now in the device settings follow the commands to get connected.
  • Follow the Onscreen instructions to complete the connection process.
  • Once done you will be able get message on the device stating it’s now connected to Alexa.

To check if your device is connected, command Alexa to perform any job of that device. If it’s done it means you have connected though Wi-Fi settings

Still facing WiFi issue with your Alexa device or not responding? Call our professional technician at +1-877-937-8077

Alexa WiFi Troubleshooting

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